May 2022

Uprooting the Family Tree
With a past tangled in slavery, Americans are looking for reconciliation everywhere from plantations to DNA sequences.
By Kenna Beban
Red mushroom
A Trip to the Future: the Unfolding of the Psychedelic Renaissance
Could psychedelics be the answer to America’s mental health crisis? For the first time in decades, the country possesses a promising tool.
By Matigan King
Prepper, Inc.
Fear, COVID-19, and the Doomsday-Industrial Complex
By Anna Langlois
Is Crowdfunding the New Welfare?
Campaigners share painfully intimate moments in the hopes of financing exorbitant medical bills. But what does trauma buy?
By Salma Darinka Lozano
From Queens to the Capitol
Young Socialists Have Won Political Power in New York. And they intend to keep it.
By Michael Morris
Gay Republicans
They’re Here, They’re Queer, They’re… Republican?
Republican politicians are coming out of the closet. Will they champion gay rights?
By Jared Peraglia
Shadow of a woman pole dancing
Taboo to Trendy: Pole Dancing Gone Mainstream
Can the practice be separated from its deep ties to sex work. And should it be?
By Jean Rose Zamora
Photo of a women's leg, wearing high heels. Thesis Cover image.
One Foot in the Dungeon, One Foot on Campus
Twenty-something dominatrixes are paid to be in power. Are they?
By Aashna Agarwal
The Voices of Personalized Medicine
Rare diseases are difficult to treat. Will the advent of individualized therapies, customized to a single patient, change that?
By Isabella Buitron
Latine Youth: The Untreated Generation
Mental health is stigmatized in Latin culture. Can Latine psychologists use social media to treat generational trauma?
By Natalie Victoria Urgiles
Picturing Resilience in Paintings of Trauma
By Katherine Libenson
Souls Above the Altar
As Americans stray from Christianity, some Black people have felt called by the spiritual traditions of their African ancestors.
By Tatyana Tandanpolie