Claire Voon  

Claire Voon is a writer for the arts website Hyperallergic. She recently graduated with honors from New York University, where she received a BA in journalism and art history with a minor in anthropology. She is the recipient of the journalism department’s Editor and Publisher Prize and was an editor for the student blog NYU Local. Her work has appeared in New York Magazine, VICE, ForbesLifeGothamist, and the Prague Post. Originally from Singapore, she grew up in Washington, D.C. and now lives in Brooklyn. More of her writing is available on her website.

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Dani Bronstein  

Dani Bronstein is a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn. He has written about culture, politics, and religion for SPIN, Mic, The Times of Israel, and HAZE. He recently graduated from New York University with Honors, where he studied Literary Journalism, Expressive Therapies, and Adolescent Mental Health. Dani is fascinated by all forms of storytelling, including slam poetry, montage, and therapeutic writing. A search for narrative truths has taken him to immersing into insular hasidic Williamsburg for eight months, recording an oral history of his grandmother’s childhood in Havana, and transforming Talmudic stories into animations for GodCast in San Francisco.


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Ethan Jacobs  

Ethan Jacobs is a freelance journalist based in New York City. He studied journalism and Spanish at New York University and graduated with honors. He’s primarily interested in music journalism, and has interned and written for several outlets including Pitchfork, Stereogum, The Big Takeover, and No Fear of Pop. However, his 8-month coverage on a psychology related story for Shoe Leather broadened his reporting interests. He can be reached at

Stephanie Eckardt  

Stephanie Eckardt is a writer and editor based in New York. She graduated with honors from New York University, where she studied journalism, Spanish, French, and art history; was editor-in-chief of Baedeker travel magazine; and received the Anna and John Peter Zenger Award for journalistic excellence. She has interned at New York Magazine, Document Journal, and CR Fashion Book, and now curates art exhibitions for The Creative Cycle.

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Alaïs Diop  

Alaïs Diop is a freelance journalist from France living in New York. She studied Journalism and Spanish at NYU. Her work has been published in The Daily Beast and the blog Shop Jeen, and she has worked in the press department for the Tribeca Film Festival. She was an editorial intern at Vogue Paris and a marketing intern for the blog Garance Doré. Currently working at Yahoo Beauty, she plans on pursuing a career in communications in the beauty and fashion industries.

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Paula Ho  

Paula Ho is a recent NYU graduate who studied Journalism, History, and Politics. From Taipei, Taiwan, she currently writes for by Lo Bosworth. She has previously written for New York Magazine’s Bedford + Bowery blog, Racked, The Nation in Thailand, and was an editorial intern at Vogue Thailand.

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Josh Azar  

Josh Azar is a reporter for MandateWire, a Financial Times Company. A writer and musician based in New York, he previously co-founded and ran a now-defunct music journalism website called He recently graduated with honors from New York University, where he studied Journalism, English, and Irish Studies. In addition to his articles, he writes fiction, plays, and songs. He speaks Irish Gaelic and Spanish.

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